Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a digital collage sheet?

A. It is a collection of digital images assembled on a sheet of paper. They can be saved on your computer and be printed on paper, cardstock, photo paper as many times as you need. The images are made in photo editing programs (Photoshop is my favorite program).
Digital collage sheets can be used for making pendants, charm jewelry, bottle caps, scrapbooking, handmade greeting cards, journaling and numerous other crafts.


Q. What is the quality of your collage sheets?

A. All images are made in high quality resolution 300dpi (dots per inch).


Q. When will I get my collage sheet/s?

A. Once your payment has been confirmed and cleared you will be able to download it/them instantly. Read more here about instant download.


Q. Where can I print collage sheets?

A. You can print digital collage sheets at home on your own printer, or at you local print shop.


Q. Can I print or resize individual images from a collage sheet?

A. These digital collage sheets are in JPG format and you can easily resize the whole sheet or select only specific images you would like to print. All you need is a photo editing program. Be sure not to overwrite your original collage sheet when resizing.


Q. What can I use your digital collage sheets for, can I sell the art I make with your images?

A. With your purchase you receive the right to use these collage sheets for your personal use. You may
incorporate my images in your crafted products (bottle caps, glass pendants, jewelry etc) to sell in a small commercial quantities either on Etsy, Zibbet or other online market places and local craft fairs. You may re-print the images as many times as you need for your personal use.


Q. What am I not allowed to do with your collage sheets?

A. You may not use my images on any print on demand sites such as zazzle, cafepress, redbubble or similar. You may not sell collage sheets as they are neither can you sell printed sheets of my images. You may not sell my collage sheets as a part of DIY kits (e.g. for pendants). You may not make them available for download to anyone else, such as Freebies sharing or similar.


Q. How to print digital collage sheets?

A. Download your collage sheet, save it to your computer then print from your computer. When preparing to print make sure the field “scale to fit” is not checked ( “page scaling” setting in the print dialog window is set to “100%”). Set printing quality to highest and borderless printing. Always select 300 dpi (not 72 dpi!)